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Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013
"Multilateral Projects Transfer of Innovation"

(Project number: LLP-LDV/TOI/07/IT/020)


(Between formal and informal: a double model to assess competences in the building sector)

The Italian building sector, in line with the Lisbon’s targets, conveys its intention to continue in order to pursue a policy aimed at foster the worker’s  free circulation within local and transnational markets and to create new educational and professional opportunities. These opportunities must be directed for the improvement of the workers’ standard of expertise, they must serve as main boost to catch the  benefits of the European integration, even those ones of the single market.


In order to improve the standards of expertise of workers, this project address a particular attention at the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and at the National one (European Credit (Transfer) System for Vocational Education and Training, ECVET on  non formal and informal learning ( priority 5 – validation of non formal and informal learning ) suggesting an alternative model of identification, learning recognition and certification that enhance this kind of expertise considered here and now that are not pointed out by the evaluation models that are currently in use. Furthermore, the project aim to, concretely, adopt  an univocal and practical identification model that is going to enhance the enrichment of the assistance and counselling services on the validation  of non formal and informal learning.

Close examination: The Trasfobuilding model

Reforme Net for training in Europe within building field, gets together national, regional and European organizations in order to promote best practices exchanges and participate in projects, in particular within young training sectors ( workers, dependants, pupils and students), from training of the professional schools and building site instructors to continuous training of workers dependant of this sector.


Formedi is a Bilateral Institution managed by Ance ( National Association of Building Enterprises) and by Workers Trade Unions Organisations on Building sector that are FENEAL – UIL – FILCA – CISL – FILLEA – CGL, it has the aim to promote, to activate and to coordinate at national level the training initiatives, professional qualification and requalification on building sector, that have been taken up by the 95 territorial training centres within building sector. They are called “Building Schools”. Formedil, beyond the Italian Building Schools Net, has as partnership both in the Organizations that are member of Reforme Net and other Institutions that have ably on this field.